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Futaba Corporation of Huizhou was established in November 2002 and is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Futaba Electronics Industry Corporation of Japan (FUTABA).

Company address: 4th Floor, Factory No. 1, No. 2, Jin Da Road, Huainan Industrial Park, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.

Futaba Electronics Japan Co., Ltd. was established in February 1948 and has a history of over 70 years. The company's product range includes OLED displays, touch sensors, radio-controlled hobby and industrial radio-controlled equipment based on wireless technology, mold bases and other molding die equipment, press die equipment, plate products, and molding and production streamlining equipment. With 13 overseas production plants and 17 sales offices, we have become an indispensable presence in the world of the future. Our Futaba Huizhou Plant provides EMS/SMT contract processing services with high precision and high quality under the management of Japanese companies using production technology cultivated through our own production of radio-controlled radio-controlled and peripheral parts. We can handle everything from semi-finished products to finished products, and we can also make proposals that take advantage of our own OLED and wireless modules.

Why choose FUTABA

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1.Solving quality concerns
Based on ISO9001 of quality assurance management system, Japanese quality control principle is added and high quality guarantee system.
2.Multi variety and small quantity production
The "Multi variety and small quantity production system" is complete, and it is experienced with high precision and high quality.
3.OEM and ODM services
Not only the fee processing We can Support for design development based on drawings created to customers, Multi variety and small quantity production, and assembly of finished products.


Faithful to contract, quality and improve customer satisfaction


Based on quality assurance management system, Japanese quality control philosophy is added and high quality pursuit.


Executive support system, quick response


An optimal approach to assist your problem solving

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